Crystal Cave PA: Underground Tours and More!

Crystal Cave PAThe state of Pennsylvania is full of natural beauty and interesting sites to visit. The different regions of the state offer a variety scenic vistas and points of interest. One place you need to make time for during your time at the Sayre Mansion is Crystal Cave PA  in nearby Kutztown. The cave is a popular spot especially if you’re interested in geology, some of the rock formations are half a million years old and are truly something to behold. Crystal Cave PA has underground tours and other attractions for you to enjoy.


Crystal Cave PA History

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, Crystal Cave was found by Gideon Merkel and John Gehret and I has an interesting history. It was named for the sparkling crystalline deposits formed on the ceiling and walls. Crystal Cave PA has been a popular attraction for visitors since 1873 when Samuel D.F. Koehler bought the land containing the cave and began charging for admission to see the cave. It was the states first “show cave” and the original cost of seeing it was 25 cents. Prior to it being a prime showcase of the beauty of rock formations, the cave had been used for crop storage. And the largest “room” in the cave played host to special events like dances.


Guided Underground Tours of Crystal Cave

Today, the cave is treasured for its beauty and geological significance. Underground guided tours at Cryatal Cave PA are great if you want to thoroughly explore the caves and get to know a bit about the details which make the cave special. The tours last a little less than an hour and include a short film examining both the history of this natural landmark as well as the geology of the cave. The guides are trained to point out the stalactites, stalagmites, and other formations throughout the cave. And no matter the weather, you can be certain that your tour through the cave is going to be between 52 and 58 degrees, depending on your location inside.


Rock Formations Inside Crystal Cave PA

Along with the beautiful crystals that give the cave its name. Crystal Cave PA is home to an array of rock formations, some over 500,000 years old. These include flowstone formations resembling waterfalls and a formation known as the “Upside Down Ice Cream Cone” due to its resemblance to the frozen treat. Other points of interest include a large drop rock that creates a natural bridge and Lookout Point, which provides a view of a large part of the cave.


Miniature Golf and Other Activities at Crystal Cave

Other than cave exploration, Crystal Cave PA has activities that make for an entertaining day out. Get a scoop of ice cream or a Dutch snack from the Ice Cream Parlor or Crystal Cave Cafe. Or play a round of miniature golf on an unusual course on which the obstacles are made with historic relics. And you can discover your own geologic treasure if you sift through some sediment at the sluice.



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Photo courtesy Jtknowles via Wikimedia Commons.