Dutch Springs Scuba for Beginners

Dutch Springs ScubaJust north of the city of Bethlehem, PA is a spring-fed lake known as Dutch Springs.  Visitors flock to Dutch Springs to scuba dive and have fun at the Aqua Park and Sky Challenge Area. With special areas for divers to explore and annual events to participate in, Dutch Springs scuba is the perfect way to get a taste of the sea right here in the Lehigh Valley. If you’re looking for adventure during your next trip to Sayre Mansion and the Lehigh Valley, then you should consider Dutch Springs scuba, no matter your experience level. 

About Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs was once land owned by the National Portland Cement Company, where cement was manufactured and limestone was mined.  The mining led to the quarry eventually filling with water, which was initially continuously pumped out. In the 1970s the pumps stopped permanently and the quarry filled with water, creating the lake as it is today.  Now it’s a freshwater diving facility with facilities suitable for divers of all experience levels. In addition to the scuba diving opportunities there are several other activities at Dutch Springs to enjoy.  If you’d still like to enjoy the water without taking the plunge, then snorkeling tours give you the chance to explore the lake from the surface. There is also an Aqua Park with inflatable slides, the Aqua Jump, a water totter, and more obstacles and diversions to keep you active in the water. Watercraft rentals are also available. If you’d prefer to stay on dry land, you can take on the Sky Challenge. It incorporates a high ropes course with a rock-climbing wall.

Dutch Springs Scuba Opportunities

If you’re going to the lake for the main draw, there are great opportunities to enjoy Dutch Springs scuba diving. The 50-acre lake reaches depths of 100 feet, perfect for divers of all levels to dive and explore.  The fact that the lake is spring-fed through an underground aquifer means that the water is clear, providing amazing visibility.  Sites to see during Dutch Springs scuba dives include submerged vehicles, platforms, a school bus, a trolley, a silo, sunken aircraft and boats.  There is also a large variety of fish to view during Dutch Springs scuba dives, including largemouth bass, zebra muscle, rainbow trout, koi, yellow perch, and bluegills.

Accommodations Near Dutch Springs Scuba

When you’re planning to strap on your flippers and O2 tank at Dutch Springs, be sure to book your accommodations at Sayre Mansion.  Our Bethlehem boutique hotel is in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, so you’ll be close to all of the activities on your itinerary. Our rooms and suites are the perfect combination of old world elegance and modern comfort, making our historic mansion the perfect place to call your home-away-from-home during your getaway. Each morning you’ll be treated to a full innkeeper’s breakfast, so you’ll be getting the best start to your day possible and our attentive staff will make sure that your time in the Lehigh Valley is memorable! For an amazing Bethlehem experience, look no further than the Sayre Mansion!


Photo: ShaneGross/iStock/Thinkstock