Common Question: What Are Bed and Breakfast Rates ?

 Bed and Breakfast RatesTravelers often have several options to choose from when they’re deciding on accommodations.  With so many hotel and inn chains populating lots of travel destinations, it can be hard to discern which is the best place to stay.  We at the Sayre Mansion know staying at a bed and breakfast can make a good trip great . Many people are unaware of what the difference between hotels and bed and breakfasts are.  One key component visitors are often unsure about is bed and breakfast rates.  Sometimes travelers assume that bed and breakfast rates will be higher than hotel rates, but that’s not necessarily true.  Our Bethlehem PA bed and breakfast exemplifies the best of what bed and breakfasts have to offer guests.  The expert guidance of our staff, the elegant and luxurious rooms and the mansion’s historic charm combine to make our bed and breakfast rates an amazing deal. 


Bed and breakfast rates are usually comparable to hotel rates, and you more for your money, which can make staying somewhere like the Sayre Mansion a  good way to get the most out of your vacation budget. The average bed and breakfast rates are about $176/night and Sayre Mansion has many rooms around and even below this price point.


While many hotels have concierge services, a fee accompanies those services.  Bed and breakfast rates include the local expertise of the innkeepers and staff. Innkeepers are authorities on their areas, and they love to share their knowledge with their guests.  Innkeepers and staff have the best recommendations on local dining options, entertainment and activities. Their goal is to help you enjoy the area they’re proud to call home, so they want you to have the best possible experience during your stay.


As the name “bed and breakfast” implies, bed and breakfast rates include full breakfasts. If you want more than a standard continental breakfast in the morning, bed and breakfasts will offer you hot, homemade breakfasts. The Sayre Mansion offers fresh baked goods as well as hot entrees each morning, so your days will get off to a delicious start.


Another desirable feature included in bed and breakfast rates is that your room is a unique private getaway. Hotel rooms tend to all look the same and blend together with each room being nearly identical to the next.  Bed and breakfast rooms are each individually and thoughtfully decorated, so you can enjoy a special experience not available in most hotels. And bed and breakfast rates include luxury amenities like fine linens and furnishings that you wouldn’t get at a hotel chain.


In addition to their unique guest rooms, bed and breakfasts may be located in renovated historic homes or buildings.  The Sayre Mansion dates back to 1858 and was once the home of Robert Sayre, who was vice president and chief engineer of the Lehigh Valley Railroad as well as vice president and general manager of Bethlehem Iron Works, which helped shaped the town of Bethlehem into what it is today.  When you stay at a bed and breakfast like the Sayre Mansion, you not only get to take advantage of quality accommodations but you’re experiencing a area’s history firsthand.  For an interesting graphic detailing the real differences between hotels and bed and breakfasts, click here.


Now that you know more about bed and breakfast rates and what they include, be sure to find your perfect room and book a memorable trip to the Lehigh Valley with a stay at the Sayre Mansion.  Our Bethlehem PA inn will demonstrate the true advantages of staying at a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel.