Your Ultimate Guide to the National Museum of Industrial History

Bethlehem, PA is a hotspot for history lovers. The small town has played a big part in the history of the state. It’s located in the Lehigh Valley region of the eastern part of Pennsylvania. Quickly after it was established, Bethlehem became a center of industry and trade. The Industrial Revolution only cemented its place as the primary exporter of wares in 36 different trades and industries. Today, you can explore this history at the National Museum of Industrial History.

Explore the National Museum of Industrial History

The National Museum of Industrial History is located in a 100-year-old former Bethlehem Steel facility. At one point, this was the biggest and most profitable industry in town. Today, the museum is dedicated to telling the stories of industry within Bethlehem and preserving our industrial heritage. The museum is fairly new, having just opened its doors on August 2, 2016. The museum hopes to tell the story of America’s industrial achievements and the accomplishments of our workers and innovators. Through this storytelling, it is hoped that new innovators and entrepreneurs will take inspiration to create the next fantastic invention and start a new tradition of industry.

The Exhibits

The bulk of the exhibits within the museum are industrial artifacts. The artifacts are meant to visually communicate the three major themes of the museum: innovation, transformation and scale. A temporary exhibit was recently opened on May 12 and is sure to excite any sports-lovers in the family. “Making America’s Pastime” details the history of balls, bats, gloves, and uniforms in Major League Baseball over time, as well as Bethlehem Steel’s impact on the MLB. Learn what connections famous places Babe Ruth and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson have to Bethlehem!

The Events

The National Museum of Industrial History has many events through the year. The museum’s running series “Meet the Experts” takes place on the third Saturday of every month. It features guest speakers who are experts in the history of industry in America. The lecture is 45 minutes long and there is a 15-minute question and answer session that takes place after. They also host the Young Reader’s Program. This is a series that features award-winning children’s literature. This is part of the museum’s dedicated effort to kickstart the next generation of industrial entrepreneurs. The event involves a show-and-tell component as well as a lecture on the book. It is completely free to children and families!

Return to Sayre Mansion

Just a six-minute drive from the National Museum of Industrial History is the beautiful Sayre Mansion.  Our mansion’s history also reflects the legacy of industry in Bethlehem. Just take a look out one of our beautiful rooms, Robert Sayre Library. This room was once part of the private library of Robert Sayre, the original owner of the mansion who made his fortune as chief engineer of the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Come explore our grounds and stay in one of our luxurious rooms, complete with modern amenities. Check our availability and book today!

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