Spend the Best Day at the Hoover-Mason Trestle

Experience beauty combined with Bethlehem’s past when you visit Hoover-Mason Trestle! This attraction, which is part-historic site and part-park, is located at the former site of a narrow gauge railroad. During your visit, you can learn about how the steel industry shaped our wonderful town and how the original owner of Sayre Mansion helped it all come about! Get the inside scoop on this great attraction.

Bethlehem, PA, is a great destination for history buffs. From the Hoover-Mason Trestle to the many museums, farms, and historic sites nearby, there’s so much to explore. Download our free Vacation Guide to get a full list of the best places to learn about our town’s past! You’ll also find out about the best restaurants and bars in town, many of which are just a short drive from Sayre Mansion! There’s so much to do and so little time, so let’s get started! Download your Vacation Guide today and plan the trip of a lifetime.

All About the Hoover-Mason Trestle

History of the Hoover-Mason Trestle

In the late 19th-century, Bethlehem Steel, a steel and shipbuilding company based in our town, was established. They quickly became one of the biggest companies of its nature in the United States. Though the company closed in the 1990s, the legacy of Bethlehem Steel is still seen through the city. The Hoover-Mason Trestle is one such example of this.

In 1907, this gauge railroad connected the ore yards to the blast furnaces of Bethlehem Steel. With the help of this track, the manufacturer was able to complete its work quickly and efficiently. The original owner of Sayre Mansion, Robert Sayre, was one of the engineers that brought the railroad to Bethlehem, as well as one of the founders of the company that preceded Bethlehem Steel.

Take a Hoover-Mason Trestle Walking Tour

Today, visitors to Bethlehem can walk the trestle and learn about the history of our town. The trestle stands at 46 feet tall and is 2,000 feet long. It begins at the Bethlehem Visitor Center at Steelstacks (a campus that is dedicated to art, culture, community, and history) and ends at the Gas Blowing Engine House. When you visit, you can get an up-close look at the furnaces that once powered the plant.

While You’re There

During your visit, check out some of the other great things located on the Steelstacks campus. They have one of the best art galleries in Bethlehem, ArtsQuest and the Banana Factory. Steelstacks also holds MusikFest, said to be the largest non-gated music festival in the country!

Stay at Sayre Mansion

After your day exploring Hoover-Mason Trestle, return to the Sayre Mansion for a night of quiet rest. We are just seven minutes away from this linear park and just minutes away from many other great Bethlehem attractions and restaurants! Plus, with our incredible selection of specials and packages, it’s easy to plan an incredible vacation. Take a look at our full selection, as well as our beautiful guest rooms!

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