4 Advantages to Hiring a Caterer in Lehigh Valley

This time of year is a whirlwind of events, social occasions and obligations. How do you make your party stand out without running yourself into the ground? A professional caterer brings so much to the table and prevents the host from getting fried out. Before you throw your next soiree, take a look at these 4 advantages to hiring a caterer in Lehigh Valley according to Karen Hunter.

Sayre Mansion’s in-house caterer, Karen Hunter, has crafted some of Lehigh Valley’s most buzzworthy events. Her signature style and professional expertise elevate any party, whether it’s hosted at the Bethlehem landmark or offsite at a venue of your choosing.

Karen Hunter turned her passion for entertaining and catering into a lively business. Friends and colleagues who attended dinner parties in Karen’s home asked her to cater events for them. Word was out and soon she was catering events large and small for companies, organizations and families throughout Lehigh Valley. In the early ‘90s Karen became the exclusive caterer for The Sayre Mansion. Now the full-service catering company provides the complete menu (except decorated cakes) for any event, plus bartenders, servers and a culinary team to execute meal preparation. They also handle any event rentals (except tents) and provide a bar package that includes all wine, beer and liquor purchases as well as mixers and ice. Consider Sayre Mansion Catering by Karen Hunter and relish these 4 advantages to hiring a caterer in Lehigh Valley, plus many more.

1. Professional Event Planning

Professional caterers will advise hosts on important party logistics such as the number of guests that will fit comfortably in the space, type of party, whether it’s a cocktail format, sit-down dinner or buffet style. A caterer will also review the timeline of the party and outline the tasks to complete in the planning process.

2. Customized Menu

A professional caterer will craft an event menu around your theme and preferences. Food is like fashion, it’s driven by trends, seasonality, classic influences and makes a statement. The Sayre Mansion Catering by Karen Hunter works with local, independent purveyors to source the finest farm direct specialty foods. The professional chefs then craft a menu to satisfy the crowd at your event by melting together traditional and new exciting flavors to create delicacies that are colorful and flavorful in nature. Caterers also expertly adapt a menu to offer tantalizing options for guests with dietary restrictions.

3. Stress Free Experience

After hiring a caterer, you virtually become a guest at your own party. The professional team not only handles the pre-event planning, but while you enjoy the company of your guests the catering team takes care of all the details from set up and service to clean-up.

4. Creating a Mood Picnic at Sayre Mansion

Party planning is an art form. The caterer is the artist. Whether you have a specific theme in mind or brainstorm with your caterer, the professionals are adept at pulling together all the pieces to create a cohesive experience for guests. The setup, service of food, menu, linens and dishes all create an atmosphere that will be instantly recognized by guests. From casual cookout vibes to an elegant Old Hollywood fete, let the caterer capture the mood and carry it out with impeccable attention to detail.

Choosing a VenueFounder's Table

Hosting an event at your home or office is a one-of-a-kind experience that speaks to your preference in design and entertaining. However, if your space cannot hold the number of guests you wish to invite, or if parking is an issue in your area, consider an alternate venue. The Sayre Mansion can be your home away from home. Exquisitely decorated and intimate, the site offers easy access to parking and the option for guests to stay overnight when driving home seems a chore. The Sayre Mansion Catering by Karen Hunter can accommodate between two to 300 people off premises. Events at The Sayre Mansion can host up to 18 guests in the parlor and the dining room. Up to 50 guests may be served in the Asa Packer Room and during warmer months a tented event space is available for up to 150 guests.

Party Planning Tips
  • Contact a caterer as soon as you have a date in mind. May, June, October and December tend to be the busiest months for events. Some clients will book a December event a year in advance. However, in most cases a few months prior is enough lead time to secure a caterer. If you’re flexible with your date, arrangements may sometimes be made a few weeks in advance.
  • Send an invitation in the mail. Not only will it make guests feel special, but it will also help set the tone for the event and let guests know what to expect.
  • Include parking instructions or suggestions with the invitation.
  • Talk to your caterer about serving a signature cocktail that incorporates the theme of the event.
  • Plan ice breakers or party games to encourage guests to mingle and make new connections.

Hosting an event doesn’t have to be a hassle. For parties that make a statement andFounders Table Close provide life-long memories, find out for yourself the 4 advantages to hiring a caterer in Lehigh Valley. Whether you gather for your next social or business function at your location or opt for the elegant surroundings of The Sayre Mansion, Karen Hunter Catering crafts an unforgettable experience. Contact us for more information on organizing your special occasion.