Carriage House HistoryThe original section of the Carriage House was completed with the main house in 1858 and built in the same gothic brick style. The stable penned in the carriage animals, but the living quarters were built exceptionally well and are rumored to have housed Mr. Sayre’s father, hence the care of detail and quality of materials. The addition was completed in 1897 and featured a three-bay carriage garage of wainscoted walls, ceiling and floors. At Mr. Sayre’s death there were five carriages, as well as numerous Carriage House Historybuffalo, bear and other robe blankets for use when riding. During the restoration and creation of the suites, great care was given to preserve and restore the exterior details of the structure. The interior spaces retain the original walls, original 1858 floors, and reuse almost all of the original lumber for stairs, trim and living areas. Elements for the stable were also used in the suites as accents. The bath areas were carefully designed to use many of the original architectural elements and to provide two-person whirlpools and showers for comfort.