Bethlehem, PA, Restaurant Week Is One of the Best Events in the State

We hope you’re hungry for one of the most anticipated bi-annual events in Bethlehem! Every six months, the Downtown Bethlehem Association presents a winter and a summer Restaurant Week. Many fantastic downtown Bethlehem restaurants participate with special menus at amazing price points. This event is a must for foodies and is a great way to experience the best of the Bethlehem food scene. Book your rooms quickly for Bethlehem, PA, Restaurant Week!

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Attend Bethlehem, PA, Restaurant Week

If you’ve never attended a restaurant week, it’s simple. Incredible eateries in town (typically locally owned and operated) create special menus for the week. Each of the menus features three or four courses, with a select number of options for each course. The menus are set at a fixed price, ranging from $10 to $40. Restaurant Week in Bethlehem, PA, is a great opportunity to indulge in some world-class food at a severely discounted rate and (best of all) support local businesses!

Winter Bethlehem Restaurant Week

Winter Bethlehem Restaurant Week 2020 returns January 26-February 1. In past years, participating restaurants were all located in the downtown district: good news for anyone staying at Sayre Mansion during the event, as all the restaurants are just a short drive away.

Summer Bethlehem Restaurant Week

Summer Restaurant Week is typically held during the last week of June. This festival also includes a special Sidewalk Sale! This sale gives local vendors and artisans a chance to offer their wares in the gorgeous Bethlehem weather. It also gives shoppers a chance to browse through these incredible shops and score some great deals! Participating vendors can range from sports shops to jewelry stores!

The Restaurants Featured

The participating restaurants for the 2020 Summer and Winter Restaurant Weeks haven’t been announced. So let’s feature two incredible restaurants that have participated in past years!

Edge Restaurant

Known for their upscale twists on classic dishes, Edge Restaurant in Bethlehem is a must for any visitor to the area. Everything on the menu is created from scratch, from the pastas to the sauces. The menu features French and New American cuisine. You can indulge in perfectly cooked lamb chops with a roasted garlic and rosemary reduction or snack on an expertly made tuna tartare with crispy wonton chips. Make sure you take a look at the drink menu, which features unique and delicious cocktails. Try the Spicy Grapefruit Margarita or the Wild Chilean Pear Martini. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to enjoy your meal at Edge Restaurant!

Fegley’s Bethlehem Brew Works

What once started as a small brewery has quickly morphed into one of the most popular restaurants in the area. During your stay in Bethlehem, visit Fegley’s Bethlehem Brew Works! The menu features upscale bar food. Many of the dishes even incorporate the delicious homebrewed beers. Be sure to try the BREWschetta. It’s topped with a reduction of their Space Monkey Raspberry Saison and aged balsamic. If you want something hearty, try one of the incredible soups available, like the Stout Onion (which uses Fegley’s Steelworker’s Stout) or the Beer & Cheese Soup (which uses Fegley’s Valley Golden Ale).

Stay at Sayre Mansion

So, are you ready to attend Bethlehem, PA, Restaurant Week? First thing’s first: book a room at Sayre Mansion! Our historic bed and breakfast is just minutes away from these incredible restaurants. We have an incredible selection of rooms, from elegant suites to modern accommodations.

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