Why You Need to Check out Sun Inn in Bethlehem!

Culture, history, and the culinary arts combine at Sun Inn in Bethlehem! This former inn was built in 1758 by the Moravians who founded Bethlehem. Today, it houses a museum as well as a tavern, giving you a peek (and a taste) into the past of our town. Best of all, this attraction is just a four-minute drive from Sayre Mansion! Find out everything you need to know about this great spot in town!

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Learn the History of the Sun Inn in Bethlehem, PA

The Sun Inn was built in 1758 as a tavern. During the Colonial era, the inn was well-known due to the great menu, customer service, and the accommodations. The Sun Inn hosted many important figures, from George Washington to Ben Franklin. The building has been renovated three times during its vast history, with floors and rooms added. In the early 1960s, the inn finally closed to travelers. The Sun Inn was then restored as a historical site in 1982. Ever since, this site has entertained visitors with plenty of history and ghost stories. Visit the on-site museum for a full history on this site!

Is the Sun Inn in Bethlehem, PA, haunted?

With such a long history, there are bound to be tales of mysterious hauntings. The Sun Inn has been featured on the SyFy television show Ghost Hunters, who investigated the story of the ghost of a little girl who is trapped in the attic. Whether or not these stories are true, you’re guaranteed to find one type of spirit in the inn! Christmas City Spirits is an artisanal distillery located in the Sun Inn. This micro-distillery is attempting to recreate colonial-style spirits.

Visit the Tavern at the Sun Inn

Chef Billy Gruenwald has created a menu that reflects the casual tavern-style atmosphere of the Sun Inn. The Tavern at the Sun Inn’s menu is seasonal, using the freshest ingredients. They have a selection of small and large plates with classic American comfort food. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, stop by The Tavern at Sun Inn for a delicious meal!

Stay at Sayre Mansion

From touring a historic inn to spending the night in one, Bethlehem is the perfect place for history buffs! After your day at Sun Inn in Bethlehem, return to Sayre Mansion to enjoy a night of rest and relaxation. Sayre Mansion was built in 1858 as the family home for the chief engineer of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, Robert Sayre. Sayre Mansion served as a focal point for the town, with many organizations and institutions literally laid out around it. Today, Sayre Mansion combines with the comfort of a historic bed and breakfast with the modern amenities of the best hotels.

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