Peepsfest 2014: A Great Way to Celebrate a New Year

PeepsfestBethlehem, PA is definitely the Christmas City, but that doesn’t mean that once that holiday passes, we’re done celebrating! On the contrary, we keep the festivities up all year long, and at the end of December, Peepsfest is the way locals and visitors of Bethlehem like to say goodbye to the old year and kick off the new. Just Born Candy, headquartered in Bethlehem and makers of favorite candies like Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales, Peanut Chews, and of course Peeps, sponsor this yearly event and we know you’ll enjoy it as much as we at the Sayre Mansion do!

Peepsfest 2014

This year’s Peeps Fest will be a two day festival full of fun for “children” of all ages. Competitions, live entertainment, sweet treats, and a 5k race all add up to a memorable yearly celebration of everybody’s favorite marshmallow candy.  Peeps Fest 2014 will be held on December 30th and 31st at the Bethlehem Steelstacks campus.  This year’s Peepsfest promises to live up to the fun memories created in years past.

Peepsfest Activities

Peepsfest plays host to a wide variety of entertainment options each year. Live music, magicians, Clowns, and educational programs for children have been great parts of Peepsfests of previous years.  Both days will feature different schedules of entertainment and demonstrations, so check back to make sure you plan ahead so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.  In past years, one of the memorable parts of this sweet event has been the Peeps Breakfast with the iconic Peeps mascots.  You should be prepared though, the breakfast selection is not entirely marshmallow-based!  But, if your sweet tooth must be satisfied, then you won’t be disappointed.  S’mores, sundaes, creative deserts, and more will be served.  And of course there will be tons of opportunity to enjoy Peeps on their own as well as other Just Born candies.

And if you’ve always loved the bright colors and whimsical qualities of Peeps candies, then you’ll love browsing the student-made pieces at the Peeps Diorama Competition.  The competition is open to local students and the creations they come up with are truly inspiring and entertaining!  The entire event culminates in the drop of the 4.5 foot tall lighted Peeps Chick, complete with a fireworks display.  We may be biased but we think our Chick is way more fun than the ball in Times Square!

On New Years Day, the Peepsfest 5k has been a wonderful way to kick off the New Year in a healthy way.  The race winds through downtown and is fun to watch and participate in. So if you’re a runner, start prepping for the Peepsfest 5k!

Peepsfest Accommodations

When you plan your visit to Peepsfest 2014, or any Bethlehem celebration, be sure to book your accommodations at our boutique hotel.  The Sayre Mansion is located in the heart of Bethlehem, and has strong ties to the city’s history.  Old world elegance meets modern convenience in our beautiful guest rooms and suites.  Luxury amenities like plush towels, fine linens, and more await you after a day enjoying the charms of Bethlehem.  Each morning you’ll be treated to a delicious breakfast made onsite, so you don’t have to start the day off hungry! And our gracious and knowledgeable staff will help to ensure your experience is enjoyable and memorable! We can’t wait to have you with us soon!

Photo Credit: arinahabich/Thinkstock