Inside the Paranormal Experience at Sayre Mansion

Come along on a Paranormal Experience at Sayre Mansion in Bethlehem where you can expect the unexpected! The fully immersive event is an otherworldly way to spend the weekend. Wyoming Valley Ghost Tours offers the know-how to explore the supernatural side of this 1858 Gothic Revival style mansion with a storied history.

Set the Scene Sayre Mansion

Driving up to the entrance, you are surrounded by specters of the past, from the massive blast furnaces of Bethlehem Steel within sight of the front porch, to the faint whistle of the train, which gave rise to this opulent mansion. Robert Sayre was the chief engineer of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, and his spirit is purported to remain within the place he called home. His house was meticulously restored to preserve many original details and now offers luxurious accommodations in 22 plush guestrooms. Check in and get settled in your room. Take a moment to soak in the surroundings and get a taste of what the night ahead holds.

Meet the PlayersWyoming Valley Ghost Tours

Gather in the parlor and main entry hall to meet your fellow amateur investigators. Cocktail hour offers appetizers, a cash bar and a chance to mingle with the team from Wyoming Valley Ghost Tours. Then proceed to the mansion’s lower level. A sumptuous three-course meal is served in the Asa Packer Room. The stone walls tell the tale of the home’s age. The space is secluded and quiet, which helps set the tone for the evening. Savor the final bites of dessert and listen to the history of the Sayre Mansion and get a feel for the people who once dwelled within. Robert Sayre resided here for nearly 50 years raising eight children with four different wives. Life brought both triumphs and tragedies to the family until Mr. Sayre passed away here in 1907.

The Plot Thickens

The four-person team from Wyoming Valley Ghost Tours imparts their wisdom on the best ways to communicate with spirits and provides each person with the paranormal equipment used to detect supernatural activity. Armed with headphones, two-way radios and dowsing rods, split into smaller groups of five or six to investigate known “hot spots” in the mansion. Groups rotate among spaces throughout the night. In darkened rooms there’s time and optimal conditions to communicate with the other side. In some spaces, the Ghost Tours team is on-hand to facilitate activity either through light, sound or dowsing rods. The candlelit wine cellar is particularly active with one spirit who is eager to communicate. Supernatural activity is also well documented in the former sanctuary belonging to the mistress of the house. It’s not uncommon to detect footsteps, unexplained noises or even voices. Paranormal investigations at Sayre Mansion have uncovered more spirits than the home’s original owner, Mr. Sayre. On this night one of the amateur ghost hunters reports communication with a departed loved one.

The End?

The investigation wraps up in the wee hours of the morning as everyone reconvenes in the parlor. While enjoying some snacks and water, the group debriefs with the team from Wyoming Valley Ghost Tours to compare notes. While some rooms provided the same goose-bump inducing encounters for everyone, there are varied experiences and results reported. Although it’s plain the spirits are about at Sayre Mansion, rest comes easy knowing the encounters were all friendly, and sometimes familiar.

Ready for an Encoreromantic room

Morning light bathes the graceful mansion in a warm glow. Find a seat in the dining room for breakfast, to recount the adventures from the night before. Think of the history this 165-year-old home has witnessed and realize it has untold stories yet to share.

The Paranormal Experience at Sayre Mansion is held throughout the year. Packages include an overnight stay, dinner for two, the paranormal investigation and breakfast the next day. Check for dates and book a stay. You never know who you’ll encounter.